Friday, June 10, 2016

Re-fit begins - Cabin Front

Discovering some delamination in the front corners of the coach roof near the mast step, I opened it up a bit to discover the plywood structure had suffered water intrusion from the brow moulding fastners.  The plywood was completely delaminated in the corners.  I also discovered that the coach roof framing was not fastened to the other framing members.  The structure relied on the plywood fastenings to create the structural web.  So I added some stainless steel fabricated knees to support the mast step partners while I replaced the plywood face.

 Here's a closer look at the starboard corner of the coach house with knee installed.

And here the port corner, which was a bit worse.

And now with the frame corners supported and the front of the mast step supported with a brace, the front face of the coach house was removed.  You can also see there was rot extending into the coach roof on the port corner.  The top of the support post is exposed in the photo below.

The new replacement face being dry fitted.
The new face secured in place.  New side face scarfed in for the first foot on the port side and a new plywood piece scarfed in to repair the coach roof corner.  All the corners were framed out in Cedar and rounded over.

And a view of the starboard side.....and a pup getting in on the photo.

Looking good after fairing, sanding, and fiberglassing the repaired area.

Here is the end result after priming.

Project started June 2014, completed Aug. 2014

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